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Carnegie Mellon University Postal Services Policies
Student Mailboxes, Assignment & Retention

All first-year students living in the Pittsburgh area campus housing are assigned a student mail code (SMC) which matches a mailbox in the campus Post Office located on the lower level of the Cohon University Center (CUC). To speed mail processing and improve campus delivery for residents, the Post Office routes student mail through this SMC. This mailbox will be used for all campus, U.S. mail, and packages.

The address is:

5032 Forbes Avenue
SMC ####
Pittsburgh, PA 15289-####

Please note: The zip code 15289 is used exclusively for Carnegie Mellon University SMC mailboxes.

Using your mailbox address to operate an enterprise of any kind or to receive mail for anyone other than the assigned owner of the mailbox is strictly prohibited.

Students retain their assigned SMC as long as they are: enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student for the current or upcoming semester at the Pittsburgh campus (students currently enrolled in a study abroad program qualify as enrolled for this requirement) AND currently living in the Pittsburgh area campus housing. Once a student leaves campus housing, or has a change in their enrollment status, their SMC will be released to be assigned to an incoming first-year student. Please note, undergraduates that were enrolled in the Spring 2016 semester or earlier will not lose their SMC due to a change in housing status if they maintain a continuous enrolled status.

Students ineligible for an SMC may rent a campus mailbox, if available, at the Carnegie Mellon University Post Office. A single semester rental is $35 and a full year rental (including the summer) is $60.