Postage Saving Tips-Postal Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Postage Savings Tips

  1. Rethink your envelope - if you can fold your mail in half and place it in a smaller envelope, you will save money.
  2. Use double sided printing so that your envelope is thinner.
  3. Use flat rate packaging. It's available for free in the Post Office lobby.
  4. Use Media Mail - books, film, printed music, play scripts, printed educational charts, and computer-readable media can be mailed via Media Mail for less money. Please note that Media Mail is subject to inspection.
  5. Buy the forever stamp - when the price of postage increases again, they immediately become worth the new price.
  6. Screen your mailing list for unnecessary names, duplicates and incomplete addresses.
  7. Do not over-insure. The USPS will pay only the actual value of an item, not the declared value.
  8. Use postcards for short messages or announcements. The cost is cheaper than sending an envelope.
  9. Use Business Reply envelopes provided by vendors, instead of department envelopes.
  10. Use Intra-campus envelopes for on-campus mail. Use regular business envelopes for off-campus mailings only.
  11. Use Non-profit/Bulk Rate when possible.