Carnegie Mellon University
Policies and Responsibilities

Policies and Responsibilities

Library faculty and staff are responsible for the care, maintenance, and security needs of the Posner Memorial Collection and the exhibits in Posner Center. Temperature, humidity, and light levels throughout the building are carefully monitored and controlled to maintain optimum collection conditions. Security of the facility and collection is a priority at all times.

The event sponsor, on-site representative, and the contracted university service personnel are responsible for the facility during an event. This includes security.
Every event must have an on-site representative, identified by the event sponsor on the room reservation request. The on-site representative works closely with Posner Center staff to plan and report after the event.

The on-site representative remains in charge of the facility and event staff until the event is over and all guests have exited. The representative must understand that Posner Center is a museum facility with irreplaceable contents and that security is a very important issue.

A walk-through of Posner Center is required prior to an event. Posner Center staff will be glad to show the facility, demonstrate how to turn on/off exhibit case and building lights, etc., and answer questions about the collection or exhibits. To schedule a tour, contact Posner Center staff.

Posner Center staff are not a substitute for an on-site representative.
For most events, only the North doors of Posner Center may be used. The South door is an emergency exit only. The side door, into Posner Hall (Tepper School of Business), may be used if catering staff needs access or if guests are using both buildings. The on-site representative must monitor any unlocked or open doors into Posner Center throughout the event.
No open flames are permitted in or around Posner Center. This includes everything from candles or sterno inside the facility to barbeque grills on the grounds.
University Catering Services is the exclusive caterer to Posner Center. Food and beverages are not permitted in the Reading Room next to the Reception Area. Food is not permitted in the Boardroom.
Posner Center is a non-smoking facility and the Carnegie Mellon Smoking Policy applies. Smoking is not permitted on the Boardroom terrace.
Decorations, signs, etc. are limited to table decorations and other freestanding items. Decorations may not be attached to the walls, exhibit cases, or glass surfaces.
If it is necessary to re-arrange or remove Posner Center furnishings for an event, the change must be approved and scheduled by Posner Center staff, and performed by Facilities Management Services. Cost of change and restoration to default condition is the responsibility of the event sponsor.
MediaTech staff must be present during any event that uses any Posner Center technology, including audio or video conferencing, PowerPoint presentations, etc. The event sponsor is responsible for fees associated with using the Boardroom equipment. Media Technology support must be scheduled in advance.
HVAC systems are calibrated for the optimum well-being of the Posner Memorial collection. If you wish to adjust heat or air conditioning during an event, please contact Facilities Management Services.
There is one dedicated public computer in the reception area dedicated to Posner Memorial Collection full-text viewing. Guests are welcome to bring laptops and use wireless Internet access. Datacom outlets are available in the Boardroom. Guest wireless service can be set up in advance for guests who are not affiliated with the University.
Any damages caused by neglect or carelessness will be repaired or replaced at the expense of the event sponsor.