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Planning Your Event

Planning Your Event

With the exception of setup/ cleanup, the event sponsor is responsible to arrange for all event services. Posner Center staff arranges for setup/ cleanup. The event sponsor pays for all event services (setup/ cleanup, catering, parking, technology, etc.) with authorized service providers.

If an event is not scheduled during regular Posner Center hours (Monday-Friday, 1-4 p.m.), the on-site representative must arrange with University Police to open and close the building. Please notify University Police of the event at least 24 hours in advance.

The on-site representative should remain in Posner Center until the event is over and all guests have exited the building.

University Police:
  •     Emergency: 412-268-2323
  •     Non-emergency: 412-268-6232
At Posner Center, food and beverages are permitted only at catered events. For example, no beverages carried in and no pizza delivery.

University Catering Services is the exclusive caterer to Posner Center.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the Reading Room next to the Reception Area.
  • Food is not permitted in the Boardroom.
  • Beverages are allowed in the Boardroom (trays and coasters must be used).
  • Do not permit drinks to be set directly on furniture.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Notify Posner Center staff if it appears that furniture, upholstery, granite, carpet or walls may have been stained during an event (Post-Event Checklist).

To request food and beverage service: 412-268-2129 or
The event sponsor and on-site representative insure that the university's alcohol policy is followed at Posner Center. Bartending and security costs are the responsibility of the event sponsor.

Alcohol for purchase (cash bar) is prohibited, and under no circumstances are individuals allowed to directly provide or serve alcohol for any event in the building. Hosts wishing to have alcohol served without charge to guests may do so through University Catering Services, 412-268-2129.

Security is required for alcohol service and must be arranged with University Police, 412-268-6232.
MediaTech staff must be present during any event that uses any Posner Center technology. Media Technology support must be scheduled in advance.

To request technology services: 412-268-8855 or
To reserve parking for guests: 412-268-2052 or
The event sponsor is responsible to coordinate setup details, including rentals, with Posner Center staff.
Posner Center staff arrange cleanup for events using catering services. The cost of post-event cleanup is the responsibility of the event sponsor.