Carnegie Mellon University

June Highlight - Librarian's Choice

Alice's Adventures in WonderlandIt's a Watch, Not a Phone

Lewis Carroll, 1832-1898. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. London, Macmillan and Co., 1866.  

Lewis Carroll, otherwise known as Charles Dodgson, a lecturer in mathematics at Oxford, mingled logic with delightful nonsense. His Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.  Carroll’s characters were subsequently adopted by many forms of popular media. For instance, Carnegie Mellon University’s Alice Project created Alice, free educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3-D environment.

The Posner Collection copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, with 42 illustrations by John Tenniel, was purchased in the middle of Mr. Posner’s collecting career.

Selected by Maranda Reilly, Arts Resources Specialist