The Carnegie Mellon Portugal PhD in Technological Change and Innovation provides a unique opportunity in several respects.

  1. Dual degree structure. Graduates of the PhD in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship will receive two degrees – one awarded by the Portuguese partner universities and one awarded by Carnegie Mellon University.

  2. Strong partnership and model. The PhD in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship brings together strengths from three outstanding academic institutions. Carnegie Mellon University has a unique experience in multidisciplinary approaches to issues concerning technology, society and information systems, including its flagship SETChange PhD program. Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics is the leading Business School in Portugal. IST is Portugal’s largest and most reputed school of engineering, science, and technology.

  3. Research emphasis. Throughout the program, PhD students will have the opportunity to join, initiate, and collaborate on research projects with faculty from any of the participating institutions. From early in the program, students will be expected to prepare their work for presentation in research seminars and at international conferences.

  4. International orientation. PhD students will complete their studies in Pittsburgh and Lisbon, two vibrant cities full of history. The language of instruction and research is English, but participants will have the opportunity while in Lisbon to learn about Portuguese culture and language (sixth among the world’s languages in number of native speakers).

  5. Multidisciplinary focus. PhD students will have the opportunity to take classes, conduct research, and interact with faculty in the areas of management, engineering, economics, public policy, social and decision sciences and information systems. Students, together with their advisors, will be able to tailor their course and research work to their interests.

  6. Dedicated to Technology and Entrepreneurship. New technologies, entrepreneurship, and innovation are important engines of economic and social development throughout the world. All aspects of the program are designed to prepare students to perform research and teach at top international universities, or work at high level private sector and public administration positions in technology development and commercialization, and in policy and strategy relating to science and innovation.  
  7. Specialization in Management of Information Systems. A specialization in management of information systems is available.This track entails a deeper study of issues related to information and telecommunication technologies including research in big data analytics, social networks and network science. It prepares students to benefit from the pervasiveness of information networks to better inform decision-making, policy and management.
  8. Student Support. Up to five students are expected to be admitted each year to the program to make sure they can benefit from individual attention, guidance and mentoring from faculty members. Extensive time and resources are devoted from the outset to develop research capabilities, experience, and projects of the students. In addition, financial support is available to students, including tuition fees and a stipend.

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