Areas for research projects that could be pursued within the scope of the PhD in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship include the following:

  • Entrepreneurship, Market Dynamics, and Industry Evolution
  • Entrepreneurial Human Capital and the Dynamics of Entering, Surviving, and Exiting Business Ownership
  • The Relationship between Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Regional Economic Development
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies
  • New Product Development
  • Human Capital, Human Resources, and the Decision to Innovate
  • Operations Management, Innovation, and Public Administration
  • Energy Management and Policy
  • Telecommunications Management and Policy
  • Technology Management in the Health Sector
  • Information Systems Management
  • The Future of the Media Industry
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Social Network Analysis
  • User and Open Innovation
  • Health Innovation

The key research units associated with the TCE PhD program include:

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