Concurrently with coursework, students must develop significant research leading to a paper as part of the qualifying requirements to be filled at the end of the second year. In addition, qualifier examinations will be jointly set by the participating universities and held at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh at the end of the second year. 


Students are expected to defend their dissertation proposal in their third year, and complete all requirements for the joint doctoral degree within four to five years. Students will work under joint supervision of collaborating academic advisers from Carnegie Mellon and the Portuguese partner institutions, and are encouraged to pursue a part of their thesis work in Portugal.

Teaching Requirements

Students will be encouraged to obtain teaching experience as an instructor of a course related to their area of specialty. This teaching experience is normally acquired before the end of the third year of the program.

Intellectual Property

Students must agree to abide by the conditions stipulated in the current Intellectual Property Policies agreed as part of the Carnegie Mellon – Portugal agreement.


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