hosted by the Information and Communication Technologies Institute, CMU-Portugal partnership
PhD Program in Engineering and Public Policy
with a concentration in NETWORKED INFRASTRUCTURES
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Dual Degrees Offered Between the US and Europe

The EPP PhD Program is a new venture that focuses on the technological and policy issues that arise when designing, developing, implementing and managing networked infrastructures, with specializations in networked industries such as Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and energy systems. Students successfully completing the program earn two PhD degrees, one from Carnegie Mellon University and another from Instituto Superior Técnico. The collaboration between these two Universities provides a unique global environment to accomplish high-quality research. Students spend time in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and in Lisbon, Portugal, two cosmopolitan cities and establish research links with faculty and senior researchers from around the world. The language of instruction is English throughout the whole program.

World-Class Research on Issues of Global Relevance

The EPP PhD Program is launched under the scope of the recently established partnership between the Portuguese Government and Carnegie Mellon University to promote and to foster research and development activities at the highest level across the Atlantic in new research fields such as technology management and public policy. CMU’s expertise in both multi-disciplinary work and in several core areas of engineering complements perfectly IST’s extensive knowledge of basic and applied sciences as well as its European view of many of the hottest research topics in managing networked infrastructures. Thus, the EPP PhD Program, developed with the support of the Information and Communication Technologies Institute (ICTI) provides an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to address issues of global relevance.

Extensive Support until Graduation as a Stepping Stone for Promising Careers

The unique context in which this PhD Program is developing provides extensive resources for both faculty and students to devote significant effort to TMPP research. Students in good standing throughout the program receive full funding for their activities (both tuition and stipend expenses are covered). The EPP PhD Program prepares students to take upon leadership positions in the industry and in consulting firms, as well as in governmental agencies or academia.

Admissions are now open for the academic year of 2008/2009. Please browse information about the admission process or contact the faculty for more information.