Policy Revision-University Policies - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Policy Revision

Carnegie Mellon University Policy to Provide Retirement Options for Tenured Faculty [see Policy]

This Policy provides information, resources and, in some cases, incentives to retiring faculty members.

The major change to the Policy, effective September 1, 2016, relates to Section II: Monetary Incentive Retirement Option. Under the revised Policy, tenured faculty members may elect the Option within a single three-year window that begins on the July 1 coinciding with, or immediately preceding, the date on which they reach the age of 64, and ends on the June 30 after they reach the age of 66, and are provided a full year’s academic salary upon retirement.

Questions concerning this Policy or its intent should be directed to the Office of the Provost at 412-268-6684; or to the Assistant Vice President for Benefits at 412-268-5402.