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Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Conflict of Interest - Board of Trustees/Officers/Key Employees

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Conflict of Interest — Investment Committee Board of Trustees

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA

Establishing New University-controlled Subsidiary, Affiliated Entity

Fair Use 

Freedom of Expression

Executive Compensation

Gift Acceptance, Counting and Reporting

Historic Records — University

Intellectual Property

Naming Institutional Chairs

Naming Gifts

Policy Against Retaliation

Policy on Policy Development

Prospect Management

Public Art 

Real Estate Gift Acceptance


Separation of Individual's and Institution's Interests

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Statement of Assurance

Trademarks — Use of Carnegie Mellon

Trademark Licensees — Workplace Conduct    

University Advancement Data Confidentiality and Usage

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Appointments — Librarian and Archivist

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Consulting by Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Evaluation and Certification of English Fluency for Instructors

Faculty Leaves

Faculty Parental Leave

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Privacy of Faculty Offices

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Retirement Options for Tenured Faculty

Special Service Payments for Internal

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Summer Salary

Financial Management

Auxiliary and Recharge Services

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Cost Transfer Policy for Sponsored Programs

Directly Charging Administrative Costs — Sponsored Research

Financial Records Retention

Petty Cash

Property Accounting Procedures and Policies

Purchasing Policy

Responsibilities for Managing University Financial Assets 

Signature Authority for Legally Binding Commitments/Documents

Human Resources


Employee Assistance Program 

Family Medical Leave Act

Flexible Working Hours for Staff

Paid Time Off

Tuition Benefits for Employees

Tuition Benefits (Undergraduate) for Dependent Children of Faculty

Tuition Benefits (Undergraduate) for Dependent Children of Staff

Information Technology


Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

GLBA Vendor Letter


HIPAA Supplement

Information Security

Policy Development

Committee on University Policy Development

Policy Content Checklist

Policy Devlopment Process

Policies Under Review/Comment


Alleged Misconduct in Research

Compliance with Financial Conflict of Interest Requirements in Research

Human Subjects in Research

Research Proposals: Government, Corporate/Foundations

Restricted Research

Safety and Security

Bicycle/Wheeled Transportation

Deadly Weapons

Disorderly Conduct

Emergency (Temporary) Closing of the University

Environmental Health and Safety Authorization

Prenatal Radiation Exposure

Riotous and Disorderly Behavior

Smoking on Campus

Workplace Threats and Violence

Student and Student Life

Academic Integrity

Activities Fee

Community Standards

Course Meeting - Undergraduate

Cross-college University Registration

Doctoral Student Status


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Health Insurance


Privacy Rights

Retention of Student Work

Return — Student

Statute of Limitations — Undergraduate Student

Statute of Limitations — Master's Student

Statute of Limitations — Doctoral Student

Student Damage to University Property

Student Leave

Students' Rights

Suspension/Required Withdrawal

Tax Status of Graduate Student Awards

Transfer Credit Evaluation and Assignment

Tuition and Fees Adjustment

Withdrawal of a Degree