Property Registration-University Police - Carnegie Mellon University

Property Registration

Although Carnegie Mellon University is a very safe community, thefts often occur and its important to protect your valuables.  Bicycles and electronic devices are the most common items that are reported stolen to university police. (Note: If using an internet browser other that Google Chrome errors may occur with the registration form)

Electronic Device Registration - (Register your Electronic Device Here)


Enable/Download GPS Theft Protection on your electronic devices

Never leave your laptop unattended even for a minute in a public place

Always lock your office/apartment/dorm doors 

Register your electronic devices with CMU Police - This will provide the police with valuable information if your item is lost or stolen

Bicycle Registration - (Register your Bicycle Here)


Always lock your bicycle to a secure bike rack

Purchase a strong lock, many locks can be cut off easily

Secure your bicycle frame to the bike rack, wheels can easily be removed from the frame