Communications-University Police - Carnegie Mellon University

CMUPD Communications Center

The Carnegie Mellon Police Communications Center is typically the first contact the public has with the Carnegie Mellon Police. The center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a dispatcher and is located inside the main police station.  The dispatcher provides many vital functions to the operations of the department such as;

  • Call Taking
  • Dispatching calls/ requests for service
  • Requesting additional resources through City 911
  • Entering call information into the Computer Aided Dispatch System
  • Greeting all walk in visitors
  • Point of Contact for all CMU Fire & Burglar Alarms

The Communications Center also serves as the focal point for all radio traffic on the four Carnegie Mellon Police Radio Frequencies, and serves as the departments main radio contact with City of Pittsburgh Police, Fire, and EMS.  The Communications Center can become a very busy place during a major incident, and callers should be patient during these periods.  There are instances where one or two dispatchers are expected to handle up to six in-coming call lines.

Carnegie Mellon University Police Dispatchers received CPR and Basic First Aid Training with the other members of the Department.  Each dispatcher when hired receives up to 12 weeks of training prior to being allowed to work alone in the Communications Center.  Each dispatcher is also required to maintain current JNET & CLEAN Certifications to work as a dispatcher.