Alcohol Medical Assistance Procedure (AMAP)-University Police - Carnegie Mellon University

Alcohol Medical Assistance Procedure (AMAP)

The university community values the health and safety of its members and supports an environment that encourages students to come to the assistance of one another. To that end, certain provisions -known as the Alcohol Medical Assistance Procedure- have been made to ensure that responsible action is taken when a student is compromised due to consumption of alcohol.

Students for whom medical assistance is summoned for alcohol intoxication will be granted amnesty from university administrative disciplinary action and University Police action. The student who summons University Police/EMS on behalf of an intoxicated student will likewise be granted such amnesty provided the caller remains with the intoxicated student until help arrives. Students who are directly involved in attending to the intoxicated student until help arrives also will be granted such amnesty.

Those seeking assistance will be assured that the university will pursue no further action against any individual or organization involved in such an incident when appropriate medical attention is sought. Students involved in an alcohol-related incident for which amnesty is granted will be provided appropriate educational or developmental interventions.

Amnesty applies only to alcohol violations and does not apply to other criminal activity such as assault, property damage or presence of other illicit substances. In cases where help is indicated but not sought, the most severe disciplinary action will be taken against all students involved.