Published in Surf. Sci. 547, 127 (2003).

Low Energy Electron Microscopy of Indium on Si(001) Surfaces

H. A. McKay and R. M. Feenstra
Department of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Low energy electron microscopy is used to study the behavior of thin indium films on Si(001) surfaces from 100 C up to 700 C. For temperatures below 150 C we see inversions in the LEEM dark-field image and LEED 1/2-order spot intensities as indium coverage increases from 0 to 2 ML. For temperatures between 150 C and 600 C we find the formation of a disordered and an ordered (4x3) phase on the surface. For temperatures above 500 C we observe significant rearrangement of the Si(001) surface due to the presence of indium and etching of the Si(001) surface by indium at temperatures greater than 650 C.

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