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Sergey Koposov

Assistant Professor

Astrophysics & Cosmology
Wean Hall 8313

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Prof. Sergey Koposov

Education & Professional Experience

PhD: University of Heidelberg (Germany), Physics and Astronomy (2009)
M.S.: Moscow State University (Russia, 2006)

Honors and Awards:
Ernest Rutherford Fellowship, 2016

Curriculum ViTAE

Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, 2017–
Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge (U.K.), 2014–17
Research Associate, University of Cambridge (U.K.), 2009–14

Research Interests

Sergey Koposov’s research explores large astronomical surveys such as SDSS, Gaia and LSST in order to understand structure, formation and evolution of galaxies as well as properties of dark matter. His current research focus is on studying the Milky Way and satellite galaxies that orbit around it together with the "stellar streams" – stellar structures formed from tidally disrupted star clusters and dwarf galaxies.

In his research, Dr. Koposov applies advanced statistical, machine learning and Big Data methods to the extremely large datasets produced by massive astronomical surveys.

Dwarf galaxy

Selected Publications

S. E. Koposov, A. R. Casey, V. Belokurov, ... and N. Ryde, Kinematics and chemistry of recently discovered Reticulum 2 and Horologium 1 dwarf galaxies, Astrophys. J. 811 (2015), 62.

S. E. Koposov, V. Belokurov, G. Torrealba, and N. W. Evans, Beasts of the southern wild: Discovery of nine ultra faint satellites in the vicinity of the Magellanic clouds, Astrophys. J. 805 (2015), 130.

S. E. Koposov, M. Irwin, V. Belokurov, ... and T. Shanks, Discovery of a cold stellar stream in the ATLAS DR1 data, MNRAS 442 (2014), L85.

S. E. Koposov, V. Belokurov and N. W. Evans, Sagittarius stream three-dimensional kinematics from Sloan digital sky survey stripe 82, Astrophys. J. 766 (2013), 79.

S. E. Koposov, V. Belokurov, N. W. Evans, ... and , The Sagittarius stream in the southern galactic hemisphere, Astrophys. J. 750 (2012), 80.

S. E. Koposov, G. Gilmore, M. G. Walker, ... and D. B. Zucker, Accurate stellar kinematics at faint magnitudes: Application to the Boötes I dwarf spheroidal galaxy, Astrophys. J. 736 (2011), 146.

S. E. Koposov, H.-W. Rix, and D. W. Hogg, Constraining the Milky Way potential with a six-dimensional phase-space map of the GD-1 stellar stream, Astrophys. J. 712 (2010), 260.

S. E. Koposov, J. Yoo, H.-W. Rix, ... and J. M. Escudé, A quantitative explanation of the observed population of Milky Way satellite galaxies, Astrophys. J. 696 (2009), 2179.

S. E. Koposov, V. Belokurov, N. W. Evans, ... and E. V. Glushkova, The luminosity function of the Milky Way satellites, Astrophys. J. 686 (2008), 279.

S. E. Koposov, J. T. A. de Jong, V. Belokurov, ... and E. F. Bell, The discovery of two extremely low luminosity Milky Way globular clusters, Astrophys. J. 669 (2007), 337.

S. E. Koposov and O. Bartunov, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV 351 (2006), 735.

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