Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon

As the City of BridgesPittsburgh boasts more than 400 of those, of which about 40 cross the Allegheny, Mononguela and Ohio Rivers. The mighty Ohio forms from the confluence of the first two at The Point, near downtown. In past decades, the city transformed from a City of Steel into a technology hub driven by its numerous universities and colleges, as well as Fortune 500 Companies such as Google, Apple, Uber, Facebook, Bosch, Bayer, and others.

Carnegie Mellon University is a nationally and internationally acclaimed private research university that forms an intellectual hub of Pittsburgh and Eastern Pennsylvania. CMU's main campus is located in the Oakland neighborhood, the city's traditional cultural center. The Physics Department, within the Mellon College of Science, is located in Wean Hall, one of the most prominent structures on the main campus.