Senior Scientists

photo of Eric Lipsky

Eric Lipsky

  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Penn State Greater Allegheny
  • Research Scientist, CMU CAPS

Understanding how particle emissions from various sources impact air quality is critical for inputs to air-quality models and aids in predicting the impacts of changes in emissions on the overall air that we breath. My research focuses on methods of sampling from different emission sources that best characterize a source's impact on air quality. These methods of sampling must be controlled to best simulate the processes that occur in the atmosphere. In addition to being a faculty member at Penn State Greater Allegheny Campus, I also work with researchers in the CMU CAPS group to help develop best practices in experimental research.

photo of Rawad Saleh

Rawad Saleh

  • Research Scientist
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

The organic food industry has successfully branded “organic” to imply a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendliness. In the atmospheric aerosols world, however, “organic” is notorious. A big chunk of the uncertainty associated with the environmental impacts of atmospheric aerosols is due to poor understanding of organic aerosol (OA). My research focuses on the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of OA, which dictate how OA evolves in the atmosphere upon perturbations in boundary conditions. I also study the optical properties of a special type of light-absorbing OA (brown carbon) and its cousin (or daughter, depending on how you look at it) black carbon to estimate their climatic effects. My work is based in fundamental theory, laboratory experiments, and multi-scale computer modeling.

photo of R Subramanian

R Subramanian

  • Research Scientist
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

Methane and black carbon (a part of soot) are two of the most important climate warming agents, after carbon dioxide. My projects include measurement of methane emission rates from the US natural gas infrastructure using tracer flux methods, and studies on combustion soot emissions and aerosol optical properties through a mix of field and lab experiments. I am also interested in personal exposure monitoring. My funding sources include the US Department of Energy, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Clean Air Task Force.