Carnegie Mellon University
December 08, 2017

Board Applications Accepted

By John Olmsted, Osher Board President

Osher at CMU Board of Director Position - Background and Overview

The mission of Osher at CMU is to provide activities for its members that increase their knowledge, sharpen their skills, enhance interactions with their peers, and hone their aesthetic and cultural awareness.  Our governing body is our Board of Directors. We are beginning our annual selection of members to serve on the Osher Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee prepares a slate for election by the Board. This year we have potentially two vacancies to fill on our 20-member Board.

 Board Responsibilities

  • Establish the policies of Osher;
  • Determine its mission, purposes and types of programs;
  • Insure adequate resources and approve budgets;
  • Develop a vision for its future and provide strategic direction and strategies;
  • Make decisions for Osher, including the setting of dues and fees; 
  • Propose changes in the by-laws; and
  • Provide oversight of the Executive Director.

 Expectations of Board members:

  • Serve a three year term commencing on May 1 and ending on April 30 three years later;
  • Attend Board meetings held at least ten times a year;
  • Participate in Osher functions;
  • Demonstrate leadership and commitment through participation in committees, networking within the Osher community and diligence in seeking new ideas that enhance the program; and
  • Communicate with a diverse population and work effectively as a team.

 Eligibility Requirements for Board members

  • Member of Osher at CMU;
  • Active participant in a variety of Osher activities: serving on committees, being a study leader, volunteering, attending courses and lectures, and participating in Osher social events;
  • Submission of the Osher Board Application.


To apply for Board membership, complete the attached application form and e-mail it to the Osher office,, not later than February 1, 2018. No additional information is required or accepted.

 The Nominating Committee is made up of current board members and representatives of the general membership. The committee will interview all qualified applicants between February and March 2018. Interviews will allow the committee members to get to know each candidate and determine which applicants will best contribute to the current needs of the organization. Interviews will be scheduled at the convenience of the applicants and last approximately 60 minutes. Upon completion of the interview process, the Nominating Committee will recommend a slate to the Board at its April meeting.

If you believe you have talents and enthusiasm that will serve Osher well, I encourage you to apply for this important and personally fulfilling position.

 John Olmsted, Osher Board President