Carnegie Mellon University

Volunteer of the Week

Judith Robinson

By Jay Farrel

Judith R. Robinson has been teaching poetry for Osher at CMU since 2001. She has taught at the secondary and undergraduate levels as well, but she especially enjoys teaching Osher students because “there are only positives to teaching and exchanging information and ideas with people who have lived.”

Judy has spent her entire career in the arts. She participates in other poetry initiatives and is also a noted visual artist in Pittsburgh. You can see a current exhibit of her paintings at the Ali Baba restaurant, 404 South Craig Street, between Forbes and Fifth.

If you’re interested in taking Judy’s Osher at CMU poetry class, you may enjoy it as a purely listening/learning experience; or try your hand at writing you own poetry (optional: there’s no writing requirement). Her next open class will be offered in the Spring, 2018 session.