Carnegie Mellon University

Gail sitting at Osher's front desk

October 13, 2017

Volunteer of the Week

Gail Brennan

By Chelsea Prestia

Gail Brennan has been a frequent volunteer at the Osher reception desk since 2013.  No stranger to helping people, Gail was employed as a nurse after graduating from George Mason University.  While originally from the Pittsburgh area, she spent many years living in the Mount Carmel area of California before returning East to be near family.  She is the mother one son and an active member of her church, St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland.  At the church, she participates in the RCIA which welcomes those who are curious about the Catholic Faith. 

Gail’s favorite aspect of Osher at CMU is the variety of courses offered and says she always finds at least one class to take each term.  She feels Osher is important and a great way to continue learning and expand your knowledge.  In the past, she has taken history, medical, bridge, and yoga courses and cites Susan Powell’s Complexities of Sex Identification and Gender Roles as being one of her favorites she has taken. 

In retirement, Gail enjoys traveling and is currently preparing to go on a trip to Phoenix and Sedona.  One of her favorite trips she has taken was a 3 week cruise through Asia.