Carnegie Mellon University

Osher at CMU Code of Conduct

Membership in our Osher at CMU community entails mutual respect. When we join the organization as either members or study leaders, we agree to respect every member of the campus community as an individual committed to the pursuit of knowledge and self-understanding. Misuse or abuse of that mutual respect can threaten our entire academic enterprise.

Osher at CMU rules and policies balance freedom and responsibility and provide standards for the orderly operation of our community. As members or study leaders of Osher at CMU, we accept and agree to comply with these standards. As members of the Osher at CMU community, we are expected to display mutual respect, personal and academic integrity, and civil discourse. The latter includes tolerance and respect for diverse opinions. There is no place for dismissive, hostile, or derogatory comments about study leaders, members, or staff.

Members of the Osher at CMU community are encouraged to contact the executive director or board president if they observe behavior that is a significant violation of this code of conduct. The executive director or president shall investigate and address the problem with the violator. Serious or repeated violations shall be referred to the Executive Committee, which may impose appropriate penalties including suspension of membership privileges.