Carnegie Mellon University

Pathways to Membership

The quality and diversity of the courses we offer has made our program highly sought after. Unable to accept as many applicants as we’d like, we have created four paths to membership: the Prospect List, the Fast Track Program, having an affiliation to CMU, and becoming a Study Leader.

Prospect List

The most conventional path to membership is to join the Prospect List. Prospects may register for courses on the Open Course List after members have had an opportunity to register, usually two weeks before classes begin.  The current registration fee is $85 per term. To join the Prospect List, email your name, address, and phone number(s) to us at

Fast Track Program

Once you are on the Prospect List, this program is designed to “fast track” a prospect’s path to membership by volunteering in our office. After volunteering for 30 hours within six months, prospects will receive an invitation to membership. Volunteers must have basic office skills, including computer navigation. To volunteer, email us at

CMU Affiliates 

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CMU is pleased to announce that the organization is now accepting immediate membership from the CMU community. Previously, all applicants would have to wait from 2 to 2-½ years on the organization’s prospect list before being invited to join. Affiliates are restricted to: 

  • Active Employees (current and up to 1 year after retirement) are defined as current faculty or staff who are “medical benefits eligible” and their spouse or legal domestic partner.
  • Former Employees are defined as former faculty or staff and their spouse or legal domestic partner who would be “medical benefits eligible” or former faculty or staff that has at least 10 years of cumulative service with CMU.
  • CMU Alumni must have graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an undergraduate or graduate degree. Parents of CMU Alumni are also invited to membership.

Please send email to and include your name, address, phone number(s), and pertinent affiliation information (i.e., faculty/staff/alumni name, department, years, degree.)

Become A Study Leader

Teach for us! Propose a course and upon acceptance and completion of a 5 or 6-week course, you and your significant other will be invited to become members. Our members gain insight and knowledge in your skilled area and you become a member of our program.

Find out how to propose a course