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Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for all enrolled students by the University and is a necessity for everyone living in the US because the cost of routine and emergency health care as well as prescription medicine is extremely expensive. Note: international students and scholars are not eligible for public benefits available to many US citizens with low incomes. Accepting any such public benefits can cause you to lose your legal status in the US and create a bar to your re-entry to this country.

J visa holders (J-1 students, scholars and their dependents) are required by US federal law to have health insurance which meets minimum standards set by the government.

Currently the estimated cost of CMU’s Standard Health Insurance Plan for 2016-2017 is

  • $1,799 per year for individual coverage
  • $3,563 per year for student plus one (for example, spouse or child coverage)
  • $5,327 per year for family coverage
Last updated:  January 10, 2017