Carnegie Mellon University

Settling In Guide

Welcome to the United States, Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University! We are glad you have chosen to come to Carnegie Mellon. We hope to get to know you better over the course of your stay.

Please use this Settling in Guide as a reference for preparing to come to the United States and during your first weeks on campus. You may wish to refer to this guide as you travel to Carnegie Mellon and settle into the community.

This guide was developed to help our various international populations adjust and get to know the university - it has many sections with general information, but certain sections pertain to specific categories, students or scholars. We define the categories as:

  • International undergraduates (F & J students)
  • Exchange students from CMU campuses abroad (F students)
  • Exchange students from non-US partner institutions (J students)
  • International graduate students (F & J students)
  • International scholars (J researchers, professors, short-term scholars, and student interns)

Orientation & Immigration Check-In

All new students are required to complete International Orientation and an Immigration Check-In with OIE upon arriving at CMU. In addition to regularly viewing the OIE website and Facebook page, we encourage you to check your email frequently - we will email you important orientation information, including registration instructions. If you will not be studying at the Pittsburgh campus, we will send you information on how you can fulfill the orientation requirement remotely.