Carnegie Mellon University


Full-time undergraduate and graduate students who are physically located in the U.S. must have medical insurance that meets the university's requirements

To meet the university's requirements, students must: 

  1. Enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), or
  2. Obtain a waiver by providing documentation of current healthcare coverage that meets certain minimum criteria by the deadline set by the Student Health Services (see below). Note: Requests for a waiver must be made to the Student Health Services; waivers are granted in very few circumstances. 

Carnegie Mellon student health insurance will become active on August 1. If you expect to arrive earlier, we recommend that you purchase short-term travel insurance at home to cover you before your Carnegie Mellon student insurance becomes active. If you are starting your studies in the spring or summer semesters, insurance is required and will begin at the start of the academic term. See above to waive this policy. 

Note that individual health coverage programs purchased by you, individually either in your home country or in the US, will not qualify for a waiver and you may be required to also pay for Carnegie Mellon University healthcare coverage.

To avoid having to pay for two health insurance plans, you should NOT purchase any private health insurance without first consulting Student Health Services. Routine dental work and eye examinations are not covered by most US health insurance plans; therefore, you should take care of any dental or eye care before you leave your home country. Optional dental and vision plans are available from Carnegie Mellon for an additional cost.