Academic Considerations-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Considerations

Students should arrange to have all transcripts sent to the Office of International Education (OIE). The study abroad staff will email students when the transcript has arrived and offer them the opportunity to pick up a copy in the office. A copy of the transcript is also sent to all relevant academic departments for credit assessment. The original is sent to Enrollment Services. Students can seek a copy from the HUB after this process is complete. OIE does not keep any copies of student transcripts.

All students fill out a Study Abroad Transfer of Credit (SATC) before they leave for study abroad which includes approvals for courses. Often the courses a student actually take will differ from what was approved before they went abroad due to changes in university course offerings, personal decisions and scheduling issues. These courses can be approved from abroad via the Follow-up SATC which is sent to student early in the semester abroad. Some departments have additional internal processes upon a students return.

Study Abroad credit appears at the top of a students Carnegie Mellon transcript in the section allotted to transfer credit. It will not appear in the semester that the student was abroad. Students receive credit for courses provided that the grade in the course abroad is a U.S. equivalent "C" or higher ( U.S. equivalent "B" or higher for Tepper courses).

Students should be proactive in making sure their advisor has the information they need to assess the credit. It is essential for students to follow-up with their academic departments to make sure the credit has been assessed.

* Note: It can sometimes take a few months for foreign institution or the study abroad programs to send the final official transcript.