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Scholarships and Awards

Most Carnegie Mellon students who study abroad during the academic year are able to utilize their existing Carnegie Mellon scholarships as well as federal and state financial aid. However, there is no institutional, federal or state funding for summer study abroad, so students will need to look for scholarships to help with summer funding.  A student's enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by CMU may be considered enrollment at CMU for the purpose of applying for assistance under Title IV, of the Higher Education Act, as amended.

Tips for identifying and receiving study abroad funding:

  • Start early:  Most programs expect that students will apply a semester or year in advance of studying abroad.
  • Think broadly:  Students might be able to access funding specifically for women, certain racial or cultural minorities, targeted academic majors or study in less traveled parts of the world.
  • Look at a lot of resources:  It may take some searching before finding the right one.
  • Target the application:  Know the goals and interests of the funding agency when applying, and target the application specifically to them.
  • Ask for recommendations:  Recommendation letters, if required, should come from a current professor, supervisor or academic advisor.

There are many sources of funding for overseas study:

To Note: OIE does not typically fund travel to countries where the US State Department has a Travel Warning in effect. In cases where the travel warning is location-specific within a country, the request will be reviewed by the University on a case by case basis.