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Monday, February 11, 2008

Non-resident Tax Services at Carnegie Mellon

Date:               February 8, 2008
TO:                  OIE Web “News”
Subject:           Non-resident tax services at Carnegie Mellon

Dear international students and scholars,

This announcement briefly addresses the types of services that will be available through OIE for non-resident tax issues for the tax year 2007.  Tax forms must be sent by the government’s deadline on April 15, 2008 for the tax year 2007. 

Available in mid-February 2008
In mid-February 2008, OIE will announce a variety of services to assist F students and J students and scholars with non-resident tax issues including:

  1. a detailed email and web announcement with all necessary information and resources for federal, state and local tax issues
  2. a password-protected software (CINTAX) to assist you in completing the non-resident US federal tax forms
  3. a large group tax information session (Wednesday, March 5, 2008)
  4. on-campus trained tax volunteers who can assist you with federal tax forms
  5. federal, state and local tax forms and general information available in Warner Hall, 3rd floor

For dates and times of the large tax info session and volunteer availability, visit the OIE website and click on Calendar of Events. 

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the helpful services at the time they are available; otherwise, it is difficult to understand non-resident tax issues which are complicated and different from the tax obligations of US citizens and permanent residents.


Lisa Krieg, Director

Updated 2/20/2008