Carnegie Mellon University

Summer and Fall 2020 Study Abroad Programs Update

Update as of June 3, 2020

Summer: As summer has now arrived, we realize most study abroad programs have moved to remote instruction, or cancelled/deferred their offerings to next summer.

In regards to credit transfer, all students taking online courses from programs/institutions located outside the US, should work with OIE/Study Abroad to complete the Study Abroad Transfer Credit (SATC) process prior to the start of the summer semester.


  • This applies no matter where the student is physically while they are taking the course.
  • This also applies to students living abroad this summer taking a course(s) in their home country (outside of the US).
  • This information will be helpful to OIE with both near-term and longer-term planning.

Fall: Currently, OIE, in collaboration with offices across the university – utilizing state, national, and international resources in review - are deliberating the possibility of Fall term study abroad and exchange. Please stand by for further information. Students are welcome to set an appointment with a study abroad advisor to discuss questions, thoughts, and plans.  Visit our CMU Study Abroad Portal to choose a time that fits your schedule.