Carnegie Mellon University
December 13, 2018

OIE Launches Post-Completion OPT e-Form in MyOIE

OIE has launched the second phase of its electronic form submission (e-Forms) portal, or MyOIE. As a pilot, international F-1 students can now submit a Post-Completion Optional Practical Training Request e-Form through MyOIE.  Visit MyOIE to access the form.

In order to use the e-Form, attendance at an OPT Information Session is required before submission. Advisors will review how to submit the e-Form during the presentation. At this time, students may still submit an OPT Recommendation paper form at the OIE Front Desk, if preferred, as long as they attended an OPT session. 

Additional details, including log-in information and instructions, may be found on OIE's website.

Over the course of the next year, OIE will continue to roll out additional e-Forms in MyOIE for both students and administrators.