Details for J-1 scholars and J-2 dependents-Office of International Education - Carnegie Mellon University

Details for J-1 scholars and J-2 dependents

J-1 visa holders should have these documents for travel outside of the US:

  • Current, valid passport - at least 6 months into the future.
  • Current, valid DS-2019 with current OIE signature on front, right hand corner. Signatures are valid for up to one year (12 months). To update signature, bring the DS-2019 to the OIE receptionist and return in 3 days to pick up the signed document. No appointment is necessary.
  • Current, valid J-1 visa stamp in passport. NOTE: an expired visa is valid for persons reentering the US from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean island nations after a visit of fewer than 30 days.
  • Most recent I-94 departure card.

If applying for a new or renewal J-1 visa stamp at a US consulate, also carry:

  • Current, valid SEVIS DS-2019 with current OIE signature. If you have more than one DS-2019 form, be sure to take all with you (the old and the current forms).
  • Original evidence of financial support (personal bank statements, Carnegie Mellon department letter of support, support letter from government or home institution, etc.).
  • Evidence of your intention to return to home country upon completion of your program in the US. Proof of "ties to home country" such as a job offer in home country, family ties, or property in home country.
  • All other documents required at US consulate overseas. Access specific country and consulate information at Check for fees, application procedures, processing times, holiday breaks, etc.

J-2 dependents travelling outside of the US separately from J-1 visa holder should carry:

  • Separate DS-2019 issued for dependent(s).  A J-1 scholar may request a DS-2019 for J-2 dependents from OIE. Allow one week for processing.
  • Current valid passport and J-2 visa stamp.
  • Copies of the passport, visa, and current DS-2019 of the primary J-1 holder.
  • Copies of marriage certificate in English or with English translation (for visa application).
  • Wedding or other photo showing the J-2 dependent(s) with the J-1 scholar (for visa application).

Last Updated On: January 10, 2017