J-1 Exchange Visitors-Office of International Education - Carnegie Mellon University

J-1 Exchange Visitors

General Information

Making contact with Carnegie Mellon departments and beginning the process of obtaining non-immigrant status.

Application Process

Details about obtaining required documentation from CMU and applying for J-1 status.

OIE Services

Required check in and other helpful services.

Maintenance of Legal Status

Important information about maintaining legal J-1 status.

Conditions and Limitations

Some issues and limitations which are unique to J status.

Employment Issues for J-1 Scholars

Employment beyond that listed on the DS-2019 form is very limited. Learn more about what is and isn't allowed.

Obtaining a Social Security Number

J-1 employees must have a US Social Security Number to work in the US.

Transfer and extension of J-1 status

Details about extending or transferring J-1 status.

Last Updated On: December 17, 2016