Carnegie Mellon University

M. Granger Morgan

M. Granger Morgan

University and Lord Chair Professor of Engineering


M. Granger Morgan served for 38 years as founding head of the Department of Engineering and Public Policy. He is a professor of electrical and computer engineering; co-director of the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making and co-director of the Electricity Industry Center.

Morgan has a deep understanding of climate change, environmental policy and the uncertainties involved. He can speak to issues related to:

  • global warming — as extreme weather patterns disrupt our daily lives, it is clear that climate change is a challenge for our planet
  • carbon sequestration — an alternative to coal-fired plants spewing their carbon dioxide fumes into the air could be to pump them deep inside the ground for storage
  • public policy — from searching for clean energy to harnessing the electric power grid, new policies are needed to replace outdated regulations

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