Carnegie Mellon University

M. Dias

M. Bernardine Dias

Associate Research Professor, Robotics Institute


The primary research goal of roboticist M. Bernardine Dias is to create culturally appropriate computing technology for use by developing communities.

  • Dias founded TechBridgeWorld, a Carnegie Mellon organization that adapts or develops information technologies for technologically underserved communities around the world.
  • TechBridgeWorld students worked this summer in Tanzania, where they introduced a Braille writing tutor to help the visually impaired learn the counterintuitive skill of writing in Braille, and developed a cell phone system to help social workers track AIDS patients.
  • In addition to teaching and research duties at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute in Pittsburgh, Dias leads several research projects and teaches at Carnegie Mellon's Qatar campus. Dias studies how robots can learn to work autonomously in teams or to work cooperatively with people.

For an interview, email Byron Spice or call him at 412-268-9068.