Carnegie Mellon University

Lorrie Cranor

Lorrie Cranor

Professor of Computer Science, Engineering and Public Policy


Lorrie Cranor is a leading researcher on developing user-friendly methods of safeguarding privacy on the Internet and improving Web security. She:

  • directs the CyLab Usable Privacy and Security (CUPS) Laboratory, which develops Internet privacy and security safeguards that work without human intervention, safeguards that are understandable and usable to the average computer user, and methods for teaching users how to protect themselves;
  • led development of Anti-Phishing Phil, an animated game that teachers computer users how to recognize email phishing attacks. The game is now marketed by a spin-off firm, Wombat Technologies, that she co-founded; and
  • is a co-developer of Locaccino, a location-centered social application that includes an interface designed to help users make often-complicated decisions about with whom to share location information and when.

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