Carnegie Mellon University

Marlene Behrmann

Marlene Behrmann

George A. and Helen Dunham Cowan Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology
CMU Director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition


Marlene Behrmann's research is concerned with the psychological and neural bases of visual processing, with particular focus on the mechanisms by which the signals from the eye are transformed into meaningful and coherent percepts by the brain.

She adopts an interdisciplinary approach using a combination of computational, neuropsychological and functional brain imaging studies with normal and brain-damaged individuals, as well as with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Behrmann has received many awards including the Presidential Early Career Award for Engineering and Science, the APA Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contributions and the Early Career award in Neuropsychology.

For an interview, email Shilo Rea or call her at 412-268-6094.