Carnegie Mellon University

Alison Barth

Alison L. Barth

Professor of Biological Sciences


Alison Barth studies plasticity in neurons. Her work focuses on understanding how experience transforms the properties of neurons to encode memory.

  • Barth developed and patented the first tool to locate and characterize neurons activated by experience in a living animal, a transgenic mouse called the "fosGFP" mouse. These mice, which have been licensed to every major pharmaceutical company in the United States and distributed to more than 80 researchers worldwide, have facilitated studies into a wide range of neurological diseases as well as the study of learning and memory .
  • Barth also conducts research on epilepsy. Her lab has identified a novel anticonvulsa nt target, an ion channel called the BK channel, whose activity is increased in response to a seizure.
  • Barth has received the Society for Neuroscience’s Research Award for Innovation in Neuroscience and Career Development Award.

For an interview, email Jocelyn Duffy or call her at 412-268-9982.