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Public Policy

Kiron Skinner

Kiron SkinnerA domestic policy and national security expert, Kiron Skinner studies the intersection of international politics, culture, markets and technology.

Skinner is one of the country’s most renowned experts in international relations, U.S. foreign policy and political strategy.


Ed Rubin

Ed RubinA professor in Carnegie Mellon's Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Ed Rubin is a member of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore. MORE

M. Granger Morgan

Granger MorganM. Granger Morgan has a deep understanding of climate change, environmental policy and the uncertainties involved. 

He can speak to issues related to global warming, carbon sequestration and public policy.


Lee Branstetter

BranstettervideoLee Branstetter’s research interests include: International economics, industrial organization and economic growth in East Asia, with a particular focus on China and Japan.

An associate editor of the Journal of International Economics, Branstetter has served as a consultant to the World Bank and the Advanced Technology Program of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

He was recently a visiting fellow of the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.


Alessandro Acquisti

Alessandro AcquistiAlessandro Acquisti’s research interests lie at the overlap of information technology, society and economics.

They include, primarily, the economics of privacy and information security, but also the economics of computers and AI, agents economics, computational economics, ecommerce, cryptography, anonymity, and electronic voting.

His recent work on predicting social security numbers received international media attention.