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Humanities & Social Science

Steven Schlossman

Steven SchlossmanSteven Schlossman is a social and policy historian who specializes in a variety of 19th and 20th century U.S. history topics, including education, childhood and parenting; juvenile and criminal justice; the politics of military recruitment; and the history of sports – especially golf.

Some of his current research includes the history of the U.S. Open Championship, with special attention to the 1973 Open held at Oakmont Country Club, and the history of women’s amateur golf.


Alex John London

Alex LondonAlex John London studies foundational issues in human research, issues of transnational social justice and methodological issues in theoretical and applied ethics.

His research focuses on medical ethics, including the ethics of modern medicine, contested surgeries and innovative surgeries and the use of statistical methods in medical research.


Marcel Just

Marcel JustMarcel Just's research uses fMRI and other technologies to uncover the architecture of human thought.

The fMRI studies track brain activity that occurs during cognitive and social thought, such as language comprehension, visual thinking, problem-solving, working memory, social judgment and multi-tasking.


Timothy Haggerty

HaggertyTimothy Haggerty's research interests examine changing roles of masculinity and the role of the state in formulating male identities in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

This research has produced work that examines new cultural roles for men, as well as examining policy issues concerning sexuality and military service.


Kathy Newman

Kathy Newmanvideo Kathy Newman is a popular and mass culture expert primarily interested in the relationship between television, film, radio and print media and social and political formations.

Her research focuses on explaining mass culture.


Sheldon Cohen

Sheldon Cohenvideo Sheldon Cohen's work studies the effects of stress and social support on immunity and susceptibility to infectious disease.

He has published pioneering theoretical and empirical work on the effects of aircraft noise on health and development of school children, and on the roles of stress and social networks in physical and mental health.


Stephen Brockmann

BrockmannStephen Brockmann explores the relationship between literature and culture as it relates to German national identity.

He looks at Nuremberg and how Germans have imagined it as a cultural and spiritual capital city.

Brockmann also researches The literary consequences of Germany’s reunification.


Joe Trotter

Joe Trottervideo Joe Trotter is a specialist in U.S. urban, labor, and African-American history.

In addition to books on African American life and labor in Milwaukee, West Virginia, and the Ohio Valley, he is the author of a two volume textbook on the African American experience from its African beginnings through recent times.