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Dena Tsamitis

Director, Information Networking Institute and Director of Education, Training, and Outreach, CyLab

TsamitisDena Tsamitis heads operations for the Information Networking Institute (INI), a global, interdisciplinary department within the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. She oversees the INI graduate programs in information networking (MSIN), information security technology and management (MSISTM), and information technology (MSIT). Under her leadership, the INI has expanded to worldwide locations.

Tsamitis oversees education, training and outreach for Carnegie Mellon CyLab, the university's cybersecurity research center. She leads the MySecureCyberspace initiative to raise "cyberawareness" in Internet users of all ages through a portal, game and curriculum. She guides the education initiatives of the NSF Situational Awareness for Everyone center, which explores ways to improve computer defenses by incorporating models of human, computer and attack interactions into the defenses themselves.

Media contact: Email Sherry Stokes or call her at 412-268-5976

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