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Tuomas Sandholm

Professor of Computer Science, Director of Electronic Marketplaces Lab

Tuomas SandholmTuomas Sandholm studies electronic commerce and how artificial intelligence can be used to create and operate markets for goods, services and even altruism.

Sandholm specializes in combining computation and game theory to create novel electronic mechanisms for automated negotiations, contracting and procurement. He founded CombineNet, a leading provider of advanced sourcing and optimization technologies.

He has pioneered the field of computer poker, which uses the card game to develop algorithms that can make decisions based on incomplete or misleading information and that take into account the vagaries of luck.

He also has developed a computerized method for matching living kidney donors with kidney disease patients in ways that can increase the number of kidney transplants and save lives.

For an interview, email Byron Spice or call him at 412-268-9068.

For more information, visit Sandholm’s website.