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Oct. 18: Media Advisory: CMU To Create Human Histogram of Heights in Honor of World Statistics Day

Contact: Shilo Raube / 412-268-6094 /

Media Advisory: CMU To Create Human Histogram
Of Heights in Honor of World Statistics Day

Event: In honor of the first-ever World Statistics Day, Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Statistics is organizing members of the campus community into a human histogram, or graphic representation, of heights. Led by the Statistics Department's Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee, faculty, staff and students will be arranged on the football field according to height. 

Leading the efforts for the Student Advisory Committee is senior Emily Butler. "This is an amazing opportunity to bring the Carnegie Mellon community together to celebrate statistics," she said. "So many students take statistics at our school that it will be very interesting for the students to see the concepts they've learned in action. We're hoping to show that with enough participation, the height distribution will be normally shaped — like a bell curve."

Currently, there are more than 150 undergraduate students majoring in statistics at Carnegie Mellon. Rebecca Nugent, an assistant teaching professor who is advising the student committee with Joel Greenhouse, said, "Not only is statistics becoming an increasingly popular major at CMU, but students in many disciplines, including engineering, business and the sciences, are discovering the value of statistics and statistical thinking."

Carnegie Mellon's Department of Statistics is a world-renowned leader in computational statistics, Bayesian statistics and cross-disciplinary statistical research. Its faculty, graduates and students are constantly making significant contributions to the field of statistics as well as other fields, such as astrophysics, genetics, data confidentiality, medical imaging and neuroscience.

When:  1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 20
Where: Gesling Stadium, Carnegie Mellon University