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Feb. 23: Expert To Speak on China's Cultural Heritage Feb. 25


Ken Walters                            

Expert To Speak on China's
Cultural Heritage Feb. 25

PITTSBURGH—Luca Zan, an expert on China's cultural heritage, will discuss the country's economic transformation and its cultural effects at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 25, in 1000 Hamburg Hall on the Carnegie Mellon University campus.
A professor of management in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Bologna in Italy, Zan will speak on "The Management of Cultural Heritage in China." He conducted research in China because of the intense economic transformation that is underway there and the managerial problems accompanying the modernization of activities across all sectors and industries, including the 'archeological chain' within the heritage sector.
The subject of Zan's research project — carried out from 2005 to 2008 — is the analysis of the managerial aspects of change in the processes of archeological discoveries, restoration, museum definition and access to cultural heritage in Luoyang City, China.
"The focus is not on the evolution of museology or the archeological discoveries in their historical and artistic meanings, nor on the conservation and restoration in their technical, scientific, and methodological repercussions," Zan said. "The core of the analysis - the specific perspective - is on how these discussions and their evolutions pose managerial and operational problems that present new and specific challenges."
The analysis offers useful insights across many public and nonprofit sectors and industries challenged by transformational periods. Zan's research is featured in his book "The Management of Cultural Heritage in China," co-authored with Yingiang Gou and Shuguang Liu.
Zan is in Pittsburgh this semester as a guest faculty member in the Master of Arts Management Program (a collaborative program of Heinz College and the College of Fine Arts), and is teaching a course on the European perspective of managing cultural enterprises.