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Sept. 12: Entertainment Technology Center Professor Jesse Schell Offers Advice in New Book, "The Art of Game Design"


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Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center Professor Jesse Schell
Offers Advice for Novices, Experts in New Book, “The Art of Game Design”

PITTSBURGH—A new book by Carnegie Mellon University videogame expert Jesse Schell, “The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses,” takes an innovative approach to videogame design, offering both the novice and the expert 100 new perspectives or “lenses” through which to view and construct games.
Art of Game DesignBased on the philosophy that good games happen when gaming professionals can see their design from many different angles, the “The Art of Game Design” uses principles borrowed from such diverse fields as psychology, mathematics and anthropology to provide readers with a creative toolkit for videogame design. In addition to the book, published by Morgan Kaufmann, an illustrated deck of 100 “lens cards” is also available as a handy creativity tool for game designers.
“This is unequivocally the best book on game design I’ve ever read ... it has something for everyone,” said James Portnow of Edge Magazine, a leading publication in games journalism. Will Wright, the designer behind “The Sims” and the upcoming “Spore” says it is “easily the most comprehensive, practical book I’ve ever seen on game design.”
Schell, an assistant professor, has taught Game Design and led research projects at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center since 2002. At present he is teaching Building Virtual Worlds, the class created by the late Professor Randy Pausch. Schell is currently CEO of Schell Games, Pittsburgh’s largest videogame studio, and was named one of the world’s Top 100 Young Innovators by MIT’s Technology Review. Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon, Schell was creative director of the Disney Virtual Reality Studio and served as a software engineer at IBM and Bell Communications Research. Former chairman of the International Game Developers Association, Schell holds a master’s degree in information networking from Carnegie Mellon.
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