Carnegie Mellon University


Neuroscience is a broad, interdisciplinary field.  All CMU students have the option to explore the various aspects of neuroscience by minoring in one of the three primary sub-disciplines: Neurobiology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Computational Neuroscience.

There are three minors offered:

  • The Neuroscience Minor focuses on Neurobiology, but gives a breadth of exposure to Cognitive Neuroscience and also to a variety of approaches to Neuroscience, including Neural Computation.
  • The Cognitive Neuroscience Minor has a stronger Cognitive foucs, but also provides students solid exposure to Neurobiology and to approaches to Neuroscience, including Neural Computation.
  • The Minor in Neural Computation primarily foucses on Computational Neuroscience, but also provides a groundwork in experimental approaches, including Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurobiology.
Students wishing to gain a more wholistic foundation in all three aspects of Neuroscience may want to consider the Neuroscience Major.