Carnegie Mellon University

Premedical Requirements

Students interested in pursing premedical coursework should work closely with their major advisor and with the Health Professions Program director ( to design a plan.  A complete list of course requirements and recommendations to prepare for medical school can be found here.

All Concentrations

Physics II (33-122) or Organic Chemistry II (09-218), but not both, may count toward the major.  The other must be taken as a free elective.

Neurobiology Concentration

All Neurobiology Concentration students are required to take Organic Chemistry I (09-217), Chemistry Lab I (09-221), Biology Laboratory (03-343), and Biochemistry I (03-231).

Additionally, students in the Neurobiology Concentration make count Organic Chemistry II (09-218) as a general neuroscience elective and may count Organic Chemistry Lab (09-222) as their one neurobiology elective

Cognitive & Computational Concentrations

Organic Chemistry Lab (09-222) & Biochemistry (03-231) must be taken as free electives for Cognitive or Computational Concentration students.  Additionally, these concentrations allow students to count Modern Biology Lab (03-124) or Chemistry Lab I (09-221), but not both, toward their major.  Organic Chemistry II (09-218) may count as a general neuroscience elective.  Students wishing to prepare for medical school with one of these concentrations should discuss their plans with their major advisor and the director of the Health Professions Program ( to come up with a personalized schedule.