Carnegie Mellon University

Your First Year

During your first year, you should:

  • Meet with your home college's advisors to work out a schedule (MCS first year advisors, DC first year advisors)
  • Complete your home college's recommended core first year courses
  • Choose a major & concentration
  • Begin to complete the important pre-requisite courses for your major & concentration

Undecided Students

A student who is interested in Neuroscience as a major, but is undecided about which concentration to complete, is advised to follow the schedule below for the first year.

This schedule maintains flexibility and completes the crucial prerequisite courses.

Freshman Fall

03-121         Modern Biology
    or 85-102  Introduction to Psychology
09-105         Introduction to Modern Chemistry I
21-120         Differential and Integral Calculus
76-101         Interpretation & Argument
Freshman Seminar [see your academic advisor for seminar requirements - they vary by college]
99-101/102  Computing @ CMU

Freshman Spring

09-106         Modern Chemistry II
21-122/124  Calculus II
36-200/247  Statistics  [247 is recommended]
     or 33-111    Physics I  [MCS students may choose to take physics and defer statistics]
79-104         Global Histories
     or xx-xxx     GenEd course
xx-xxx          Elective*

* Students should take 03-121 (Modern Biology) here if they did not take it in the fall.  Other options are 15-112 (for Computational Concentration), 03-161 (for Neurobiology Concentration), or a free elective. 

Students interested in the Cognitive Concentration should ideally take 85-102 in the Fall of their freshman year and 03-121 in the Freshman Spring.  However, 85-102 can be made up in the Fall of the Sophomore year, and students can instead take 85-211 in the Freshman Spring.