Carnegie Mellon University

Cognitive Neuroscience Sample Schedule

This is one sample schedule to complete the cognitive neuroscience concentration.   Students should meet with their advisors to come up with a personalized schedule.

Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior

Freshman Fall

85-102         Introduction to Psychology
21-120         Differential and Integral Calculus
76-101         Interpretation & Argument
09-105         Introduction to Modern Chemistry I
99-101/102  Computing @ CMU
Freshman Seminar [see your academic advisor for seminar requirements - they vary by college]

Freshman Spring

03-121         Modern Biology
09-106         Modern Chemistry II
21-122/124  Calculus II
36-200/247  Statistics   [247 is recommended]
xx-xxx          Elective, GenEd course, or Freshman Seminar

Sophomore Fall

03-220         Genetics (formerly 03-330)
33-111         Physics I for Science Students
36-309         Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences
85-219         Biological Foundations of Behavior
xx-xxx          Elective or GenEd course

Sophomore Spring

33-122         Physics II for Biologists and Chemists
85-211         Cognitive Psychology
85-xxx          Cognitive Neuroscience elective
85-314         Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
xx-xxx          Elective or GenEd course

Junior Fall

03-362         Cellular Neuroscience
09-207         Techniques in Quantitative Analysis
   or 03-124      Modern Biology Laboratory
15-110         Principles of Computing
85-310         Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology
xx-xxx          Elective or GenEd course

Junior Spring

03-363         Systems Neuroscience
85-3xx          Advanced (300-level or above) Cognitive Neuroscience elective
85-419         Introduction to Parallel Distributed Processing
xx-xxx          Neuroscience elective
xx-xxx          Elective or GenEd course

Senior Year

Student who have stuck to this schedule will have to complete the two following courses their senior year:

Additionally, students will be required to complete their home college's General Education requirements (MCS general education, Dietrich general education) and enough other elective courses to have 360 credit hours total at CMU.