Carnegie Mellon University

Transfer Credit

In order for a course to count as a substitute for a specific, required course toward the degree, two criteria must both be met:

  • The course must be approved by the department that offers the CMU course as equivalent to the corresponding CMU course, and
  • The course must be introductory level (200-level or below; the reason for this is that earning a degree from CMU means taking required, advanced courses from CMU).

Electives that are taken abroad can be used to satisfy 100-level or 200-level elective requirements toward the major if they are approved by the student's home department advising staff.

Students who wish to study abroad should discuss their plans with their major advisor and the office of study abroad.  A plan should be reached before the student leaves for which classes they will take and how those classes will count toward their degree.  Academic advisors and home department advising staff can also help a student obtain permission to take general education and core requirements abroad, subject to approval from the student's home college: MCS, or Dietrich.